If you already read some post on this blog, you already know how much I like board games. I recently received an email from another board game lover who decided to build a brand new one for us game lovers. To make a short story, it’s a mix of Scrabble, Rummy and Boggle played in team or not.

Like Scrabble, you need to build words to score points, but this time, you use cards that you lay down on the table. The deck of card will include special cards to increase the value of words but also to slow down your opponent trying to build this gigantic word. The game will be a lot faster than a game of Scrabble and I think a lot more dynamic.

I didn’t try the game yet (will do soon) but if you want to learn more, visit the 5ToClose board game website for more detail. You will find all the details and game rules. Don’t miss my next post, I will describe my experience with this new Waterhole company board game.

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