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While playing a game of clue (the board game) , I was asking the other clue players what theyClue card back think was the most probable clue weapon that a clue board game characters would use to commit the murder on Mr. Boddy. I got a couple of answers, so just for the fun of it, I will make associations between a clue character a clue board game weapon and a clue room. If you need a memory refresh about this game, you could start by playing Clue Online... No friend needed!

I will start with the male clue characters and in a second post the ladies of the clue board game.

Clue board game character #1

Clue character (Colonel Mustard)
Clue weapon (Revolver)
Clue room (Conservatory)
clue character card Colonel Mustardclue weapon card Revolverclue room card Conservatory

This one is obvious, this ex-military man would never go out without a revolver. For walking the dog outside, a camping trip or a fancy night at a mansion, he's the indicated clue board game characters for this clue weapon. Colonel Mustard and Revolver is a natural combination. Now let's talk about the room where he could have done it. When you use a revolver, you need to make sure no one will ear you. This is not a simple task with that kind of weapon. The clue rooms on the board game that would offer this kind of protection are in my opinion the conservatory or the ballroom. Both clue rooms offer some advantages if you want to use the clue revolver. The conservatory is far away from the mansion and the ballroom could offer a sound protection if there's a loud concert taking place.

Clue accusation #1: Colonel Mustard with the Revolver in the Conservatory

Clue board game character #2

Clue character (Professor Plum)
Clue weapon (Rope)
Clue room (Study)
clue character card Professor Plumclue weapon card Ropeclue room card Study

Professor Plum is an archaeologist and we know this man is trying to fund some expeditions in all four corners of earth. In an attempt to convince Mr. Boddy, my guess is that this clue character tried a final argument in the study (far away from the action) to try convincing his host to give him some money. The mansion or the manor, is a very big building and usually the study is far away from distractions to keep it quiet and peaceful, making it a perfect clue room to commit a murder event if the victim tries to call for help. The reason why I think the clue weapon was the rope is simple. Professor Plum probably fake a demonstration of a suicide scene he saw in a far away country during one of his adventure trip. Mr. Boddy trusted this "innocent" old man and gently played the role of the hang man.

Clue accusation #2: Professor Plum with the Rope in the Study

Clue board game character #3

Clue character (Reverend Green)
Clue weapon (Candlestick)
Clue room (Billiard Room)
clue character card Reverend Greenclue weapon card Candlestickclue room card Billiard Room

Mr. Green or if you prefer Reverend Green is another clue character with fuzzy intentions. This man is always hunting for money. He will pretend that is religious convictions are driving him where he can find more funds for holy reasons, but deeper thoughts are corrupting is mind. Green clue character is mysterious, but in my opinion, he was probably at the mansion for a debt he contracted with Mr. Boddy and in an attempt to clean is due, he challenged him to a billiard game and was about to lose more when he made the lethal hit with the candlestick. This clue weapon was probably there to create a spooky atmosphere because a lot was at stakes. Clue rooms to make a nice little chat away from the others a not rare in this mansion, but this room was the perfect setup and Mr. Boddy didn't have any clue about the real motives of reverend Green, except for making a little money.

Clue accusation #3: Reverend Green with the Candlestick in the Billiard Room

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