Ticket To Ride rules and maps

For map and train lovers, here's a collection of what I've found around the net. First you need to know that Ticket To Ride is published in many languages and have very distinct version for each countries. The rules are slightly different and of course the maps and the cities. Ticket To Ride board game have been made for: North America, Europe, Germany, Switzerland and Nordic Countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Ticket To Ride board game covers

Ticket To Ride rules around the world

So like I mention above, not only the box cover is different, but also the rules. If you take the Ticket To Ride Europe rules, you will find that you can build train station, that some routes are ferries and tunnels, that your final score is based on the train station you built and the European express bonus. But in the Ticket To Ride North American rules, there's no such thing as a train station, tunnel, ferries and express bonus, but instead points for the longest route. The Switzerland version is also very different. From the start, this game was intended to be played by two or three players. The Ticket To Ride cards representing locomotives can only be used in areas that are tunnel routes. Each player has a limit of forty trains. Some Ticket To Ride destination cards lead you to surrounding countries instead of cities. See the Ticket To Ride Switzerland rules for more details. The German version of Ticket To Ride also offers some variety. This version of the board game includes a +4 locomotive card and a passenger card. The +4 locomotive card is a wild card that can only be used to claim a route that is four spaces or longer.

The passenger card was introduced to let a player use the route of another Ticket To Ride player.

See the picture for detailed explanation of the passenger card and look at the Ticket To Ride German rules for a more complete description.

Ticket To Ride Maps

(TTR North American map)

(TTR Europe map)

(TTR Switzerland map)

(TTR Germany map)

(TTR Nordic map)

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