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Another old favorite classic board game of mine, Risk. This game has taken so much hours from my life when I was younger. I remember playing Risk for countless hours especially during chrismas time with my cousins and brothers. The instructions for risk board game were given by my older cousin which was "the" Risk game expert. There's quite a few rules in this game and you need to know them well to be able to play this game. When comes the time to count the unit, you don't want to miscount them, otherwise thrust me, someone will let you know :)

Recently, I played risk online and it brang back so much memories! So if you are a bit rusty with Risk, maybe playing the game online will help you refresh all your tactics.

The instructions for risk board game" are one thing and the strategies are another. I like planning my units position in my head before the game starts (sometimes many hours before). I often use the same strategies and I had a lot of success with it. If you follow my instructions the next time you will play the Risk board game, you will have success for sure (I hope).

First set of risk board game instructionsinstructions for risk board game 1
  1. Always try to have a concentration of unit on two continent (A small one and a bigger one). For example, you could take North America and Australia. The reason why you want the small one is that it will give you extra unit fast at the beginning of the game. The bigger one will be more in danger at the start, but with the extra units, you will be able to defend key locations.

  2. Put more units at continent borders. With the same example, you would put more resources in: Alaska, Central america, Greenland and Indonesia. With this "risk" strategies, you will discourage someone from putting to much unitsinstructions for risk board game 2 inside other Australia territories and ease your domination over there. The goal in north america is to survive long enough in key locations only.

  3. Conquer your first continent as fast has possible. In my example, australia.

  4. Take the extra units and put them in key locations in north
    america if no big threat near Indonesia.

  5. In north america, try to conquer one territory next to each key location at a time.

Stay tuned for the second part of instructions for risk board game. In my next post, I will give more instructions and strategies for the rest of the game.

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