very scary ouija stories

scary stories of the ouija board
Do you have scary stories of the ouija board? Do you have very scary ouija stories? Please tell us your ouija terror stories right here.

I have collected a bunch of those by asking close friends of mine and others from all around the world. True stories, fake stories? Who can tell? But when it's from someone very close to you, it's hard to setup our brain straight and believe the unbelievable. You could ask people with special "power" to better understand your experiences or you can simply read other people stories to find out that you are not alone...

When you play the real ouija board, you never know what can happen and those recent ouija board stories will illustrate what I'm talking about. Those stories are from real people and they happened in a very common place to play ouija or in very special environments.

Little girl

This little girl ended up showing herself around my house and playing pranks. My family starting feeling like something was watching them in the bathroom and I thought it was just me until I said something. Turns out everyone was experiencing the same things.

Lights would go on and off by themselves and I seen the girl's reflection in my hdtv (was no imprint, no burn, it was a true to life person's reflection, moving next to me. My buddy was coming home from work one day and called me asking who the girl was standing on my front porch, everyone was asleep. Last time something happened, she pulled my hair a slight bit as I ran out of the bathroom cause I felt "it" and I yelled at her, "Not cool!" I went to sleep right after and never heard from it since.

LoL if you don't believe me that's fine, but I have documented cases of my own with hard physical evidence. For instance, a spirit from the civil war used to communicate with my family back when the board first showed up in stores and it revealed it's name, rank in the army, when it died (civil war), and where it died.

We looked it all up a couple of years ago and he was real. The photos had burned in a fire, but he was documented to be in the exact platoon he mentioned and he was from Savannah, GA. We even found an old map with a unmarked gravesite where he supposedly died. Weird stuff still happens around that house...

old building downtown

My colleagues and I were really bored one day at work (in an old building downtown). We made a ouija board out of scraps of paper and the weirdest answers came up...There was a man that was shot in that building in 1932, I forgot his name, and a native woman who had been disturbed when they built the place on an ancient graveyard. We asked how many ghosts were in the room. It said "everywhere" We asked where they came from. It said "the phone"! We asked for a distinctive sign of their presence...we waited and waited. The room grew so cold! Then, as we were about to give up, my friend looked at her watch...we were being timed! She couldn't get the watch to go back to normal. Freaky ouija!

Ghost in grandma's house

A long time ago when I was about ten years old, my grandmother had a ouija board that I came across at her house, that I might add is 100 years old. I figured I'd give it a try and play the real ouija board. After the first time I tried it nothing happened, I thought it was just a bunch of bullshit. But later that night I did it with a couple of my siblings, and it worked, and it was the freakiest shit I've ever experienced in my life. So now I know that my grandma has a ghost in her house that's 68 years old that died on jan. 29 1916. Some pretty freaky ouija shit, it was a crazy experience.

Power went out

A few years ago, on New Years Eve, I brought my board to a party. We waited until it was dark and started asking random questions, but didn't get any answers. One of my friends asked the board to show us a sign and all the power went out. We looked outside and saw that all the other houses had power so we started freaking out.....then the lights came back on and my friend's dad came from the circuit box laughing.....

Say it before they go

My Mamie came to me through a ouija board when I was in high school. No one knew I called my grandma Mamie, because she died before I was born. Right away I knew it really was her. She told me my Papie didn't have much time left, and to let him know he is loved. There was more to the message, but I won't get into detail. Anyways, I saw him a month later, and he looked really sick. I sat with him all night, and told him how much I loved him. He died 3 months after I talked to my Mamie . Let me tell you, being told of my loved ones up coming death, and for it to actually happen, was the freakiest thing I have EVER experienced!!! Those scary stories of the ouija board are giving me the chills!

Phone number

Heya, here's a very scary ouija stories (well, it was for me).
I remember I played it back in college, I though the guys who taught were fooling us by moving the thing. So I played it with a female friend of mine and suddenly a female colleague of us in the college came along with her BF.
It was the first time ever to see her bf, we don't even know his name, so when he entered and sat we decided to challenge the game. we asked the game for his mom name, and it gave us his mom name. we were shocked, then we wanted it to be more challenging, so we asked the game for his mobile number, and it gave us his mobile number. that was sooo creepy. i couldn't sleep properly after that, plus i felt the evil followed me to my Home, and lots of fight happened between me and my family. for 1 whole week it was like if all of them were on fire and wanted to burn me. I never Played it since then.

absorbed into the very board itself

An ancient tale of now, my little brother and I dabbled in the art of Ouija; oh, if we had only known! He was possessed that very night by a loathsome spirit we refer to as Solomon. Little Claude passed that same night from typhoid. The very next day we had an unexpected Christmas tree fire; the fireman said that, incidentally, the ouija board had caused the fire. I'm telling you that's an horrible ouija board experiences.

Everyone got out of the house safely, or so we thought.
A few weeks after the tree fire I was awoken late one night when I began hearing a loud pounding sound under my bed. I was scared to look, but I had to. That's when I saw it: It was Ouija. Back from the dead, returned to take with it a victim from the mortal life. That's when my dear friend Nicola was absorbed into the very board itself! The board disappeared after its settlement, but sometimes I see it in my dreams mocking me, for I am cursed forever. It's been almost 200 years I've lived with the Ouija's curse, unable to die, yet unable to live.

Tell me the name of the song

Here's a recent ouija board stories. LAST NIGHT I was playing with the board with my sister and we called upon one of our friends that passed away. My ex boyfriend happened to be one of this souls friend and then i called upon my ex and my sister had NO idea what our song was and i asked if this is Kameron then tell me the song that we have together... and it wasn't like a usual song or easy to guess and the ouija spelled out the name of the song... that is how i knew it was him and how that the ouija is real... TRUE STORY... just be careful with that because you can get a lot of evil spirits that wanna do harm when you play the real ouija board.

Pink shirt

scary ouija shit right here.... Ok so this girl i know her and her three friends were playing ouija and they met this spirit named Simon. And Simon had a really big crush on one of the girls, Emily. One time when Emily wasnt there and the other two girls were playing Ouija they asked Simon what he was doing and he said he was watching Emily in her room. So the girls asked him what colour shirt she was wearing and he said "pink" so the girls called emily and asked her and she said she was wearing a pink shirt. And lots of other equally as creepy things about Simon stalking Emily happened. Creepppyy and scarey ouija board stories.

Grandpa revealing secrets

One night we talked to someone thinking it was a person we knew from the past. It was Satan. The guy sitting right next to me on the leather couch had a haemorrhage. He had to go to the hospital so we stopped the game. After this ouija terror stories, we decided to give it another try a couple of month later. I was playing with a cousin Christian and we talked to my grand-pa through a real ouija board. He revealed some old secrets that no ones knew about except my grand-ma. He also told me that I was pregnant and that I was due june 7. I gave birth on that exact same date. My aunt and grand-ma cried when we revealed the secrets. It was impossible for us to knew about those things since we were not even born. All very scary ouija stories, I can tell you that I never played with my board of ouija ever since then.

planchette not really moving

recent ouija board storie. My friend and I played the ouija board. Placing the Tea-lights on the floor (10pcs on each side). The planchette moved a tiny bit, but never ended at Yes or No. I placed the planchette in the middle of the board, asking: Is there any spirits here and waited still focusing for five minutes, and it moved like 2 cm, to the left.. but then it just stopped. What could have gone wrong? I live in a apartment on the 3rd floor with no death history.

They all play the real ouija board at one moment in time. Some were very scary ouija stories because we can't really explain what happen. I have my own thoughts about all those good and bad ouija board stories and I will share them in a future post. To give you an idea, think about "waves"... So if you want to share your own ouija terror stories, please leave a comment with your ouija stories or leave a link to them.

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